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Having a review on your product can be positive or negative, and this really depends on your product review. If you mislead visitors, then you may not get the expected outcome, however, if your product review is on the level, then good things will happen…


Submit Product Review…

We do have a review section on our blog if you are looking to submit your own product review, then we will need a few things from you such as:

  • 1000 word product/app review article
  • Product name
  • Review Summary
  • 3 pros about your product
  • 3 cons about your product
  • price
  • URL (no affiliates links)
  • Product or Shop logo
  • 16×16 Product or Shop pixel
  • Featured Image
  • Optional 2+ post images, 1+ video url, etc…

Did you say good things will happen?
Yes I did such as:

  • Higher Engagement
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking
  • Potential for Increased Sales
  • Repeat Business, sales, visitors, etc.

What is worse than having a bad review? How about having little to no reviews on the product(s) that you sell? Having a review that is not great is not a bad thing, and would be natural as you will not be able to make every buyer 100% happy with your product, and there will be times when someone will never be happy with what they are buying, however, your end goal is to get as many possible reviews as possible.

All posts and reviews are subject to manual review.
All posts and reviews much follow our writing guidelines.
Post Submission Guidelines

Example Review:

This is a one-time payment for $24.95

Once payment is complete, then please contact support with your transaction ID and product information.

Check out our submission packages:

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