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Meditation & Mindfulness: 6 Minutes To Calm


You do not have to be religious to benefit from the power of mindfulness. In Meditation/Mindfulness: 6 Minutes To Calm you will discover proven techniques that are simple to understand and apply. You will quickly master mindfulness and be able to immediately control your mental state so that you can avoid stress, anxiety and, depression in your life.

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Forget depending on drugs and therapy to tackle your stress and anxiety. You can regain control over your mental state with quick and effective mindfulness techniques. Meditation/Mindfulness: 6 Minutes To Calm will show you exactly how to do this.

People in America are more stressed-out than ever. They have pressure from their jobs, their studies and their personal lives. This leads to real-world problems such as suicide, divorce, opioid overdose and, drug dependency.

This is not just a problem in the USA but all over the world.

Surveys revealed that the average American is very impatient and can’t even wait around for a few minutes. Does this sound like you?

When people are looking for a solution to their stress and anxiety it’s natural for them to think about medication and counseling first. But these just treat the symptoms and people continue to be stressed out and frazzled.

Because of this, people believe that they have to accept being stressed, anxious and depressed as part of modern life. But the truth is that they don’t need to accept this because there is a solution to the problem which is mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is all the rage now in the USA, UK and, parts of Europe because it works. You may have read about mindfulness and believe that it is a very complex and time-consuming thing to do.

But it is not complex or time-consuming if you know how to use the right techniques to attain mental peace and calm that you are looking for. And that is what Meditation/Mindfulness: 6 Minutes To Calm will show you.

You need to understand what mindfulness really is and how it can help you. This book explains mindfulness in easy to understand terms and explains how you can reap the benefits of focusing on the present moment, emptying your focus of interpretation and accepting your emotions.

You may think that you have to be religious to benefit from mindfulness but you can practice it successfully without focusing on a deity. There is no “magical thinking” required for mindfulness to work for you.

When you have mastered mindfulness using the techniques in Meditation/Mindfulness: 6 Minutes To Calm you will find it totally effortless when compared to counseling or therapy. You will learn how to redirect your focus so that you quickly reach a state of total calmness.

Do past events and trauma constantly nag at you and cause negative thinking spirals to make you stressed, anxious or depressed? If they do then you are not alone. How do you feel when you think about the future? Does this make you fearful?

When you practice mindfulness correctly you will stop thinking about the past and the future by focusing on right here and right now. This book will show you how to quickly master 2 essential mindfulness techniques which are:

  • Body process and mind association using breathing techniques and physical perception
  • How to override your mind’s old patterns and reactivity with mental perception techniques

In the book, you will learn how you can use the power of mindfulness to find balance and calm anytime and anywhere. This will bring you several benefits such as not being dependent upon someone else to restore calm, no need to take any drugs and the ultimate peace of mind knowing that you can change your state yourself and be in full control.

When you have mastered mindfulness using the powerful techniques in Meditation/Mindfulness: 6 Minutes To Calm you will be able to live life on your terms.

How good does that sound?

The mindfulness techniques in this book are so simple that anyone can easily understand and apply them. Don’t let the simplicity fool you – in a very short time you will master very powerful mindfulness techniques that will make a really positive impact on your life.

This book will show you the simple steps to master powerful breathing and watching techniques that will synchronize your mind and body and put you in a totally calm and relaxed state.

With 5 simple but powerful steps, you will learn how to achieve calm fast by focusing on the present moment using your breath as a frame of reference. You can master the powerful watching technique by following the 5 simple steps revealed in the book.

Also in Meditation/Mindfulness: 6 Minutes To Calm you will learn mindfulness techniques that help you to take control and ownership over your thoughts. These are extremely powerful as they let you overcome your reactive mindset and prevent your mind from forming thoughts.

You will discover the 5 simple but powerful steps to enable you to watch your thoughts like clouds. This is essential for overcoming your reactive mindset. The Mantra mindfulness technique consists of 5 simple steps to stop your mind from forming thoughts. This is very important to reach and maintain a state of calmness.

This book will show you how you can easily make a daily commitment to the practice of mindfulness. It will help you to see that mindfulness is a critical investment in a new mindset and, ultimately, a new life.

Why do you need a copy of Meditation/Mindfulness: 6 Minutes To Calm? Because it will show you how to master the most powerful and effective mindfulness techniques easily so that you can immediately control your mental state and avoid stress, anxiety, and depression.

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