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Safety & Trust

Safety & Trust

You Can Make Purchases From Us Without Having To Worry About Safety And Security; The safety of your personal information and the security of your transactions that you make with us are of the highest priority, and it is very important that we protect your data, and privacy.

We keep your personal information safe

We use the very latest safety and security processes to ensure that your personal data is always safe and your transactions are totally secure.

Your privacy means a great deal to us. We keep all of your information secure all of the time and we will never share your personal details with any third parties. Please see our privacy policy here.

Totally secure transactions

When you make a purchase from us we keep your credit card or PayPal details completely safe during the transaction and once it is stored on our servers using the latest hi-tech security processes & protocols.

Never send us an order with your payment details using general email services. These emails may not be safe and you run the risk of your information being intercepted by malicious third parties.

Our Shopping Cart Security

Our shopping cart system meets the rigorous standards of the PCI Security Standards Council. The council is a global organization that creates security standards for account data protection that we fully support.

The standards created by PCI are the result of a collaboration of some of the world’s leading payment organizations which include:

  • Visa Inc
  • American Express
  • MasterCard Worldwide
  • Discover Financial Services
  • JCB International

There are 12 requirements to the current standard which are:

  1. Firewall for the protection of cardholder data
  2. No default use of passwords and other security parameters
  3. The protection of stored data from cardholders
  4. Any transactions across public networks are encrypted
  5. Servers have up to date anti-virus applications
  6. Development and maintenance of secure applications and systems
  7. Access to cardholder data restricted to need to know for businesses
  8. All personnel with access to the system must have a unique ID for traceability
  9. Physical access to cardholder information restricted
  10. Complete monitoring of all access to the system and cardholder information
  11. All security processes and systems undergo regular testing
  12. A policy to address the security of information exists

In addition to these requirements our shopping cart software goes further when it comes to security by taking the following steps:

  • Full support for HTTPS/SSL
  • Administrative access security using HTTPS/SSL
  • Login pages, customer profile pages and check out all secure using HTTPS/SSL
  • All customer passwords are stored in the database with MD5 encryption
  • Administrative access is password protected

When we installed our shopping cart software on our servers we implemented further security measures to prevent unauthorized access to data. These include the removal of setup files and folders, implementing the most secure file permissions, configuring the highest security settings and implementing tight access restrictions.

Don’t worry if some of the terminologies here are confusing. At the end of the day what this all means is that you can make purchases from our website with total confidence. We are committed to protecting your information at all times which is why we have gone above and beyond the global security standards developed by the PCI Security Standards Council.

We track and monitor the security elements of our shopping cart software 24/7. There are many shopping cart software solutions available and we invested in the software that has the highest level of security.

2 Factor Authentication

You can apply 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to your account with us. When you do this you make it harder for cybercriminals to access your account and steal your personal details. This is a real threat and it is unfortunately on the rise.

With most online shopping accounts you can only use a username and password to protect your account. The theory of using passwords is fine but the practice is somewhat different. A password should be something that only you know and be very difficult for somebody else to work out.

But we are human and our memories often let us down. So instead of coming up with passwords that are virtually unbreakable, we tend to use passwords that are easy for us to remember. Many people think that using “password” or “12345678” is acceptable but it isn’t. Digital Global can only help you as long as you help yourself by coming up with complex passwords. Never share your login with others!!!

Most of us have a lot of different accounts and tend to use the same passwords for all of these. The problem with this is that if a hacker works out your password then they will be able to gain access to all of your accounts.

So enter 2FA as a second layer of security. This is how it works:

  1. You will enter your username and password as usual
  2. A prompt appears requesting that you enter another piece of specific information

The second part of 2FA can be information such as a secret question answer, a PIN number or a specified keystroke pattern.

So with 2FA if a hacker discovers your password then you have that additional level of security for protection. The chances of a hacker finding out what the second level of security is are slim to none. So when you apply 2FA you can be a lot more confident that your account will be safe.

USPS also has a free app called informed delivery.

Still have concerns?

If you need to communicate with us please use our support ticket system here. This is much safer than using general email services.

We have adopted these stringent safety and security measures so that you can shop worry-free and just relax and enjoy your shopping experience. We do not want you to have any concerns about ordering anything from us.

If you are concerned about anything then please open a support ticket here and one of our fully trained customer service representatives will be delighted to help you.

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