Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Top 5 Google Apps That Every Blogger Should Use In 2019

If you are looking for the top 5 google apps that every blogger should use in 2019, then lets start with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Cloud Drive, Google Forms, and if you want to learn more, then keep reading.

How To Create An Effective Crowdfunding Marketing Campaign

Creating an effective crowdfunding marketing campaign will take a lot of love, planning, research, hard work, and some luck would not hurt either. I see a ton of crowdfunding campaigns that are launched daily, and most of them are nothing more then flops before they even leave the starting gate, and if you want to succeed with crowdfunding, then you will have to do more then just snap your fingers.


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Your shipping strategy should be planned out accordingly. Your customers can see right through these Free + Shipping scams, and remember, you are getting nothing for free since all product costs have already been added into what you are buying.
10 Benefits Of A Free Website Audit
If you do not know how your website is performing, then all you are doing is guess your way around in the dark while you are blindfolded, and this is a terrible way to run a business. You should get a free website audit whenever possible so you know how bad or good that your website is performing.
If you are looking to explode your sales on your eCommerce store, then you need to find the right Instagram Influencers. I have seen stores make $100s - $1000s per day, and that is because they were able to find the right IG Influencers that were in alignment to what they were selling on their eCommerce Shop, and yes, finding and using the right Influencers can take your online store to the next level.

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8 Strategies That Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Are you looking for some digital marketing strategies that will boost your digital marketing campaign? In order to be successful with your digital marketing efforts, then you really need to plan your SEO goals out, as you do not want to be the business online that comes in last because you are using low quality digital marketing professionals.

How to Know if It Is Time to Change your eCommerce...

There are many eCommerce platforms to choose from, and some of them can easily run into the $1000s, and keep in mind, just because your platform cost $1000s does not mean it will be the best. If you want to know more, then keep reading.

Why You Need to Revamp Your Employee Onboarding

Are you concerned about your employee on-boarding process? If you are considering revamping your employee onboarding, then you have come to the right place. You want your hiring and onboarding process to be easy, and smooth, for your business, and for your employees.