Monday, May 20, 2019


Online marketing pioneer Brian Eisenberg once said, “Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so.” That’s essentially what this blog intends to do for you— the aspiring marketer. Use the articles here to master the basics of marketing in all its modern forms.

Marketing has simplified and has also become complex in the age of the internet. Now you can advertise for millions of people with shockingly cheap budgets.  Then again, there are also many forms of marketing to do. Social media, influencer, print, email, or affiliate marketing—do you understand them all?

Hopefully, our blog posts will help you. We have articles covering the basics of topics like Facebook or Instagram marketing. You can also delve into comprehensive posts about strategizing an advertising plan. Small businesses and newbies can find plenty of articles on how to make the most out of a limited budget.

Online marketing is everywhere now. It’s common enough for customers to become desensitized to popular tactics. How can your brand stand out above this advertorial deluge? Read our tips and tricks blog posts to find out.

Are you a marketer with tips to offer? Then get in touch with us to contribute your two cents to this blog.

8 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic
If you are not boosting your website traffic, then is the the something similar to flushing the toilet. Your competitors are not standing at the door waiting for traffic to come, they are doing what needs to be done, and in some cases, companies spend millions of dollars in order to those those eyes to look a the products they are selling. If you are looking for ways to boost your site traffic, then keep reading.
8 Strategies That Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts
Are you looking for some digital marketing strategies that will boost your digital marketing campaign? In order to be successful with your digital marketing efforts, then you really need to plan your SEO goals out, as you do not want to be the business online that comes in last because you are using low quality digital marketing professionals.
10 Benefits Of A Free Website Audit
If you do not know how your website is performing, then all you are doing is guess your way around in the dark while you are blindfolded, and this is a terrible way to run a business. You should get a free website audit whenever possible so you know how bad or good that your website is performing.
Why Is Digital Marketing Important In Business?
Digital Marketing is very important, and can show up in various formats such as promoting your Facebook page to SEO, and without digital marketing or promoting your site, then you are dead in the water. Your competitors are promoting there sites through digital marketing, and so should you.
How to Make a Substantial Amount of Money on Instagram
There are quite a few ways you can make money using your popular Instagram account, and this can really depend on how popular you are, and the number of people that are following you on Instagram; For instance, you can show off your trips, clothing, fashion. You can use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing, and to sell sponsored posts. In the world of technology, Instagram is certainly trending high these days.
Online Marketing Guide for Beginners
Your best online marketing guide is "YOU"!!! You will find some of the worst marketing guide such as this one, which was one of the first articles, however, you will come across some great online marketing guides on the internet, but your best resource of learning will be you, so ask questions, and learn more about marketing.