Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Email Marketing

New technology offers advertisers innovative ways to market through social media, online searches, smartphones, and even via smart gadgets at home. Why, then, does clunky email marketing continues to be effective?

Despite being fairly aged technology by now, email marketing is here to stay. It’s time brands kept up. We have a solid curation of blog posts exclusively related to email marketing. You can read all about why it still matters, how come it has managed to endure, and how to actually do it.

Want to incorporate a comprehensive marketing plan to your social media advertising strategy? Our bloggers may have the solution you are looking for. We have simple suggestions to solve complex problems.

Email marketing is not simply about emails either. It’s about content creation as well. Many recipients would read the subject line on an email, but how many would proceed to the body? Email marketers still have to navigate challenges like spam filters and general disinterest. You may be able to find solutions from experiences of other bloggers here.

If you are not killing it with this type of marketing, then you are just leaving money on the table. Let’s say you Earn $10k without the use of email marketing, then decided to include this type of marketing strategy, then you make $25k or more, no brainer if you ask me.

You can share your email marketing story on this blog. We invite marketers, businesses, customers, or anyone else interested to continue to our blog. More knowledge equals more power.

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