Improve Content Marketing Through Social Listening

Social Listening has the ability to improve your content marketing strategy. It’s more than just reading on your brand mentions online. It’s reading through discussions consumers are having about specific topics, industries, and competitors. To make it easier, you can always use a media monitoring service that will catch everything you’re looking for. However, if this doesn’t fit your budget, you can still be productive and research manually. Either way, this should be something that your business takes part in.

Here are four ways social listening can enhance your content marketing strategy:

Know What Your Audience Wants

You probably have some great content ideas, but are you sure they’re what your audience wants? Social listening can help you find topics that your audience is interested in. The best way to do this is by monitoring topics related to your business in order to analyze the conversation. Now you can create content based on a popular topic discussed by your target audience.

Receive Feedback

Listening-in on the feedback your audience is providing will give you insight on what needs improvement. You can always include a feedback survey that you distribute; however, social listening is a natural way to receive honest feedback. Track your brand mentions including different names consumers might refer to you as. Look into each mention and consider the feedback given to you. This can also help your business beyond content marketing. For example, if you find that your audience wants more video content, you might go as far as including it on a landing page similar to Audi’s just to improve their overall experience. This is also an opportunity to jump into the conversation and provide a response in order to increase engagement.

Research Competitors

Not only should you be listening in to your brand, but you should be monitoring your competitors. Look at the content that they’re creating and see how well it’s doing. Is it better than yours? If it’s not, what’s missing? These are all questions you should be asking yourself as you analyze your competitors’ content, as this will allow you to see where you need to improve on your content marketing strategy.


You should be up-to-date on trending topics, especially if you’re trying to find new ways to reach a broader audience. Social listening will inform you on widely discussed topics through trending hashtags. Not only will you get insight on emerging topics, but now you’ll utilize these hashtags to get more exposure. Getting insight on what’s emerging will help you develop relevant content ideas which will result in more traffic.

To improve your content, start listening-in to the conversations relating to your business. If you’re a small business striving to grow your blog and you have too much on your plate, consider implementing this task into a position you hire for. Once you start to incorporate social listening, you’ll have endless opportunities for your content plan.

Katherine White writes articles for businesses that want to explore different marketing strategies. Currently, she is a contributor for 365 Business Tips and a digital marketing expert for local brands. Her educational background in Public Relations helps her tackle topics regarding strategy, branding and messaging.

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Improve Content Marketing Through Social Listening

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