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How I Earn $2,000 Month Through Sponsored Guest Posts

If you are looking to blog your way to success, then this article is for you!



How I Earn $2,000 Month Through Sponsored Guest Posts
Digital Global JV™

If you are unaware of the money making potential of sponsored guest posts and guest blogging in general then you need to read every word of this. Here are a couple of questions for you:

  1. Do you own a blog that already has a good following?
  2. Are there other blogs in your niche that have high traffic?

If the answer to either of those questions is “yes” then sponsored blog posts or guest posting is a good way for you to make additional income. For both of these methods, your posts will have to be of the highest quality and we will go into more detail about that later on.

How to Make Money with Sponsored Guest Posts

It is important that you understand the difference between a sponsored post and an ordinary guest post. As you may have already worked out a sponsored post is all about money. A company or product owner is willing to pay for a post on your blog, or for you to write a post for them and publish it on another blog.

If you have your own blog and it is growing you may have already had offers from companies asking if you can review one of their products and publish this. They will then compensate you for doing this.

Sponsored guest posts always need writing well so that they show the company, brand or product in a good light. You have to achieve this to receive payment from the sponsor as they will want to see the post before you publish it.   

You are the influencer here and a well written sponsored blog posts will help your audience. It is not just an advertisement because you have written it with a view to providing value. You need to get the balance right between an informative post and advertising. The company wants you to provide leads and sales from the post.

In some situations, you may receive a post from a company already written. A reputable company is likely to provide a high-quality post but you must check it before publishing. You want to make sure that it fits in well with the style and tone of your blog. Discuss any possible edits that you require with the company.

Why you should consider Sponsored Guest Posts

The main reason it is a good way for you to make more money. Sponsors know that a good post takes a lot of time and effort to create. They are happy to pay more for this than just requesting that you place one of their ads in your sidebar.

Another good reason for accepting sponsored blog posts is that you are adding more content to your blog. This is beneficial for climbing up the search engine rankings. You receive compensation for it as well so it is a complete win-win.

How to find Sponsored Post opportunities

Sometimes companies will contact you directly if they are looking for sponsored blog post opportunities. But if you want to make good money from this regularly then you need to take other action. Here are the three main ways of obtaining sponsored post gigs:

  1. Companies contact you directly as the blog owner or editor
  2. Work with sponsored post networks
  3. Reach out to companies related to your niche on your own

There are networks out there that connect potential sponsors with bloggers. This makes it really easy to find sponsors and is a great way to get started. Some of the best-sponsored post networks to work with are:

When you create an account with these networks you need to provide details of your blog and your social channels. Use your profile as a way to sell yourself and your blog to potential sponsors. Do not overlook this as it will bring you more offers.

If a sponsor likes what they see and wants you to write a sponsored blog post for them they will use the communication facilities within the network. You will then need to follow the instructions provided and decide whether or not you want to go ahead.

Working with networks is good but they may not provide you with the sponsors that you really want. For example, you may use a product or service regularly and are willing to write a post about it. In this case, you will need to contact the company directly to see if they are interested in sponsoring a post.

Have a look at the company website and see if there is a marketing page. This is a better way to contact them than just sending them an email but if a page does not exist then contact them anyway. If they are on Twitter or other social platforms then follow them and make a request that way.

When you are using email to contact a company make it brief and to the point. Tell them about you and your blog and that you would really like to work with them. You need to emphasize that your audience overlaps with theirs so it will be a good opportunity for them.

Create a Media Kit for your Blog

A brand will expect you to have a media kit. This is basically a way of conveying information about your blog and the reasons why a brand should consider sponsoring a post. This can be in the form of a professionally created image. Here is what should be included in your media kit:

  • Full name
  • How to contact you (do not add a phone number)
  • The name and URL of your blog
  • Details of your social accounts and important stats
  • The size of your email list
  • Your page views per month (you can use Google Analytics to tell you this)
  • The audience that you are targeting
  • Benefits of partnering with you

Don’t include any rates in your media kit. That is for discussion if the brand wants to work with you. At some stage, you may want to adjust your rates and you don’t want to have to keep editing your media kit each time. Don’t let your media kit tie you into a price.

What to charge for a Sponsored Post

This is often a challenge for blog owners because it depends on a number of factors. To determine your rate for sponsored guest posts you need to think about the following:

  • How much traffic does your blog get?
  • Do you have high levels of engagement?
  • The size of your email list and your average open rates
  • Your presence on social media

These factors will form part of your rate but you also need to include payment for writing the post as well. If you are doing well with all of these factors then your rates can be higher. Companies will want to know your CPM when it comes to traffic. This is the cost for every 1,000 impressions.

Look at your monthly traffic stats and divide by 1,000. Then multiply this number by a rate of between US 80 cents and US $1.25 for every 1,000 impressions. This number is not your rate but part of it. Include the cost of writing the post and adjust for other factors too such as your social media reach.

We recommend that you charge a minimum of US $250 for sponsored blog posts. It can take a great deal of time for you to create a high-quality post so don’t sell yourself short here. If you have high traffic numbers and good social media reach, then you can charge more.

Guest Blogging

Another way to make money is through writing posts to publish on other related blogs that have high traffic levels. You won’t receive direct compensation for guest posting, but you have the opportunity to drive traffic to your blog and your lead capture and offer pages.

It’s all about leveraging your exposure by using the audiences of other blog owners. With the right guest post, you can generate a great deal of traffic, and blog owners are always looking for additional content so it is good for them as well.

With a high-quality guest blog you can:

  • Show that you are an expert and are likable and trustworthy
  • Provide a link back to your blog (this is good for SEO as well)
  • Tell your story
  • Attract readers with a compelling headline

You need to follow the rules

You need to be aware that most blog owners and editors that accept guest posts will have some rules that you need to follow so that your post can be accepted and published. Each blog will have its own set of rules but here are some of the things that you can expect:

  • The content is high quality
  • Content must add value and be unique
  • The post must be related to the blog niche
  • A rule about the number of links and whether they need to be no-follow
  • Include citations if this is appropriate (quoting your sources)

There may be other rules as well. If you follow all of the rules then you should not have a problem getting your post accepted. You can always ask the blog owner or editor if you are unsure about anything.

Finding Blogs that allow Guest Posting

You are looking for blogs that are in the same niche as you and that allow guest blogging. One of the best ways to find good blogs in your niche is to use a search engine like Google. Use relevant keyword phrases in your search and then make a record of the best sites that appear in the top 100 results.

When you find potential blogs check out their “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages to see if there is any mention of guest posting. Some blogs will have specific pages for this. If not you can query the domain in Google and add the following:

If nothing is returned for these searches then the blog probably doesn’t accept guest posting; Not all of the blogs do so just accept this and move on with your search; Do not give up, just keep searching.

How I Earn $2,000 Month Through Sponsored Guest Posts

Pitching Blogs for Guest Posting

Check the guest posting rules first. Sometimes a blog owner or editor will require samples of your work and they will not be impressed if you don’t do this. A lot of the high traffic blogs receive many requests every day and they will weed out people who do not read the rules first.

Tell the blog owner or editor about yourself and the topics that you are an expert in. Explain the benefits of working with you and what you bring to the table. Provide links to high-quality posts that you have written in the past.

If you have an idea for a post then provide the blog owner with a handful of titles that they can choose from for your post. Some blogs will insist that you do this as part of their posting guidelines.

Submit Guest Post

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How I Earn $2,000 Month Through Sponsored Guest Posts

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My name is John, I am the owner of Digital Global JV™. You will find many opinions on Digital Global JV™ Blog, however, Digital Global JV™ may not share or endorse those opinions from other bloggers, however, We respect all blogger opinions.

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Top 5 Google Apps That Every Blogger Should Use In 2020




Top 5 Google Apps That Every Blogger Should Use In 2020
Digital Global JV™

If you are a busy blogger then you need all of the help you can get. Google has some great apps that you can use to improve your efficiency by achieving more in less time. Using Google apps can really give you an edge with your blogging, so here we will take a look at the top 5 Google apps that every blogger should use in 2020.

Some Google apps have been around for many years and really stood the test of time. Google has now put these apps together in a package they call G Suite. Google is aiming G Suite at business users and provides them with some excellent tools for a small monthly fee. As a blogger, you can still use these apps for free.

With G Suite you get the following benefits over the free apps:

  • 30 GB of storage space with Google Drive rather than 15 GB
  • Tech support 24/7
  • A business email account that has a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

In our opinion, the free versions of the apps will meet the needs of most bloggers. You can decide if you want to upgrade.

1. Google Docs

A lot of bloggers use a word processor app such as Microsoft Word to compose their blog posts prior to publishing them. This is a good practice as it is easier to edit posts. There is no need for you to purchase Microsoft Word as a word processor. You can use Google Docs for free to increase your productivity.

If you are used to using Microsoft Word then the transition to Google Docs will be painless. It has a similar interface and a lot of similar features. One advantage that Google Docs has over installed word processors is collaboration.

These days more and more bloggers are collaborating over posts. It is really easy to create a Google doc and share it immediately with another blogger anywhere in the world. This is a lot better than using email and attaching documents.

A lot of bloggers give away free resources from their blog. If you want to give something away like a worksheet, checklist or any other kind of document then you need to consider your audience. They will not all have access to Microsoft Word. A free Google Sheet is the ideal answer here.

You can use Google Docs for planning other content too, such as material for an online course or emails you plan to send to your subscribers. It is really easy to use Google Docs for brain dumps and general planning. So the advantages of using Google Docs as a blogger are:

  • It’s free unlike Microsoft Word
  • You can use it for composing your blog posts
  • It is easy to collaborate with other bloggers
  • You can use it to provide free resources
  • It is great for brain dumps and general planning

 2. Google Sheets

If you want to be a successful blogger then it is essential that you organize everything well. A spreadsheet can be very useful here as it provides you with a lot of flexibility. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Excel and it is certainly a very good spreadsheet application, but you can organize everything and more with free Google Sheets.

There are several advantages to using Google Sheets over Microsoft Excel:

  • Google Sheets are free
  • You can organize your social posts such as Tweets in a Google Sheet and then integrate with Google Calendar (more on this below) so that they go out on time
  • Bloggers tend to perform a lot of research and you can store results in a Google Sheet. You can automate research from Twitter straight into a Google Sheet
  • You need to know how your social campaigns are doing so keep a record of those key metrics in a Google Sheet
  • It is easy to create graphs of your social numbers in Google Sheets

Top 5 Google Apps That Every Blogger Should Use In 2020

3. Google Calendar

A successful blogger will always plan ahead. They will create a blog posting schedule and have an editorial calendar. You do not want to leave any important tasks to chance so using Google Calendar is a great way to plan and stay organized.

When you use Google Calendar you can do much more than just schedule tasks. You can add more information to the task, and even attach important documents so that you have everything at your fingertips.

Here are some of the great ways you can use Google Calendar:

  • Create your blogging schedule so you know what you need to do and by when
  • Schedule appointments – never forget that important interview or collaboration discussion with another blogger
  • Add an attachment to the calendar event
  • Get notifications on your device 10 minutes before an event is due
  • Integrate Google Calendar with a number of other third-party applications

4. Cloud storage using Google Drive

As a blogger, you will have important documents, images, and other media that you need to store safely. Yes, you can store them on your hard drive or a removable media device, but these can go wrong and you can end up losing vital information.

Cloud storage is the perfect answer here. You can store your vital files with confidence and easily retrieve them when you need them. With the free version of Google Drive, you get 15 GB of space which will probably be enough for most bloggers. If you need more space then it is easy to upgrade.

Google Drive integrates seamlessly with other Google apps including:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • Google Photos
  • Gmail – you can save attachments to Google Drive

5. Google Forms

As a blogger, you want to keep in touch with your audience and understand what problems they have and what they are looking for. One of the best ways that you can do this is to ask them to participate in a short survey.

Creating a survey with Google Forms is very easy and convenient. It is all drag and drop. You can use the drop-down menu to create different types of questions such as choosing from a list, multiple choice or short and long answers.

With Google Forms, you can monitor responses in real time. If you prefer to use a Google Sheet for the analysis then it is easy to integrate the raw data from your surveys. Each Google Form has a unique URL and you can easily send this to your audience for their participation.

So the main benefits of using Google Forms are:

  • Very easy to create an online survey or quiz
  • Real-time analysis of responses
  • Integration with Google Sheets
  • No messing around integrating forms into your blog


Use these five Google Apps to become a more efficient blogger. They are all easy to use and will help you to stay organized and save a lot of time and money. All of the apps are very high quality as you would expect from Google.

You can learn more about G Suite here. We recommend that you start off with the free version of the apps and then you can decide whether you need the features of the G Suite subscription.

Submit App Review

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Top 5 Google Apps That Every Blogger Should Use In 2019

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40 Ways To Make Money Guest Blogging!




40 Ways To Make Money Guest Blogging!
Digital Global JV™

There is no doubt that you can make money from guest blogging if you do the right things. The foundation for success with guest blogging is the post that you create. It needs to be high quality and demonstrate your expertise in the subject that you are writing about. Here are some great guest post writing guidelines to follow:

  • Read and follow the guidelines from the blog owner/editor – you need to be clear about what is acceptable and what isn’t. Your post will not be accepted if you do not conform with specific guidelines and rules
  • Write a guest post that solves a problem the audience is having – people want answers to their problems. When you are able to provide this with the proof to back it up then your post will get a lot of views and shared a lot
  • Demonstrate your expertise in a guest post – this is your chance to shine. Demonstrate that you know what you are talking about in your post
  • Make your guest post flow well for high engagement – structure your post well so that it engages people and keeps them wanting to read from start to finish
  • Optimize your guest post for SEO – do your keyword research and add headings using H2 and H3 tags to catch the attention of the search engines
  • Proofread your post thoroughly for grammar and spelling issues – guest posts are supposed to be of the highest quality so if yours is full of spelling and grammar errors then you should be ashamed of yourself!
  • Include a related call to action – don’t just add a link back to your home page. Pont the reader to a page on your site that relates to the post you have written and adds more value

So now we will take a look at 40 ways that you can make money with guest blogging. You will find various methods here that will work for you if you put in the effort and make the right approach.

Sell Guest Post Writing Services

Guest posting is in demand because not many writers can meet the high standards that it demands. So you need to get yourself out there and let people know that you have the skills and are ready to help them. Here are some great ways that you can make money from selling your guest post writing services:

  • 1. Freelancing Job Sites – Sell your guest post writing services on the large freelancing job sites such as,, and You will need to create a professional and persuasive profile and bid for jobs. Also, create a portfolio showcasing your best work
  • 2. Gig Based Sites – You can post gigs on websites like and offering your guest post writing services. has changed and you can now charge much more than $5 for a gig. A good profile is essential and the gigs need to be persuasive
  • 3. Advertise on Forums – Find forums that have a marketplace where you can advertise your guest post writing service. The Warrior Forum is a good example and there will be others in different niches
  • 4. Write for Content Mills – Don’t expect to make a fortune by writing guest posts for content mills but sometimes you might just need that extra money. There is also the opportunity to make some good connections here
  • 5. Find Influencers that need High-Quality content – There are a lot of influencers out there who will come up with great ideas all of the time but they do not want to (or cannot) write quality content around these ideas. This is where you come in. Spend some time finding these people and give them your best pitch
  • 6. Find Guest Post writing Partners – Have you thought about partnering with other guest post writers? This can be a great way for you to make a name for yourself and beneficial to both parties as you share the work. They will know people that you don’t so look for some good partners
  • 7. Create a Guest Posting course – There are a lot of people out there that know the value of guest blogging but don’t know how to go about it. Turn your skills into a high-quality training course that you can sell for a premium
  • 8. Write a Book about Guest Blogging – It will take time to write your book but then you can sell it on Amazon Kindle and other self-publishing networks. This will also improve your credibility as people are always impressed if you have written a book
  • 9. Offer Guest Post writing consultancy – You can provide one on one online coaching to students that want to learn how to write a guest post that will be accepted by high traffic blog sites.
  • 10. Offer Guest Post pitching consultancy – It is one thing being able to write a guest post but it is another being able to pitch to website owners and editors. If you have experience of doing this then you can charge for consultancy because the demand is high for this
  • 11. Offer Partial Guest Posting Services – You can offer partial services to other guest bloggers such as keyword research, general research, a guest post critique, writing the post for them using their research and data and so on.

These are all great ways to sell your guest post writing skills. Competition on freelancing and gig sites can be tough but once you get a foothold the clients will roll in. Just get in front of the customers and use videos as well as text to promote your services. Always provide proof of how good you are.

Sell your Guest Posts to other Websites

There are a number of websites and blogs that will pay you for your high-quality guest posts. You can find 20 of these websites here for starters. What can you earn from these websites? Well, they all vary but expect to earn at least $25 to $100 and more.

  • 12. Find Blogs that pay for Guest Posts – There are many niche blog sites that will pay you to write guest posts for them. They are not going to pay you a fortune for your posts but if you are in the same niches then you can benefit in other ways
  • 13. Directly approach high traffic Blog Owners / Editors – This is where the money gets bigger but the task is harder. Owners and editors of high traffic blogs receive pitches from content writers all of the time so you need to stand out from the crowd
  • 14. Write customized Guest Posts for any Blog – While it is always better to write for blogs in your niche you can offer to write guest posts for blogs in other niches. It will require you to conduct more research but it is still a good way to make money
  • 15. Write and sell List Posts – List posts are very popular and in demand. One of the most popular sites that will pay you for good list posts is This can be a little risky as writing a list post that will go viral can take some doing
  • 16. Sell Guest Posts to Content Aggregators – There are a few content aggregators that will pay you for guest posts or even syndication rights.
  • 17. Sell your Posts to Magazines – The opportunities to make money with your guest posts are rarer with magazines but they will normally pay well and you can make excellent connections with editors
  • 18. Find Clients with the List – offer high-quality lists of sites that accept guest posts and high profile bloggers and influencers. There are free lists and more comprehensive lists if you go for the Pro package at $19 a month
  • 19. Directly Approach SEO Agencies – These days you need high-quality backlinks from good websites to rank well in Google and the other search engines. SEO agencies know this and they also know that guest blogging will provide these backlinks. So approach them and offer your services. Some agencies have a large number of clients so they will be looking for a lot of guest posts
  • 20. Directly Approach Marketing Companies and Agencies – Marketing companies know the power of digital marketing and content marketing in particular. Many will be assisting their clients with digital marketing campaigns and guest blogging should be part of their strategy
  • 21. Directly Approach Large Brands – OK it is not easy to get in front of large brands when you are a freelance guest post writer. You need to speak to the right people such as marketing managers or you can try an indirect route by talking to SEO or marketing agencies that work with them. Do whatever you need to do to get your foot in the door because the rewards will be there

If you want to sell your guest posts (and you should) then be prepared to put the effort in to find the right opportunities. Most people will do the minimum here so go the extra mile and uncover opportunities that others were too lazy to find.

When you are pitching your guest posts you need to be confident and have proof to back up how good you are. SEO agencies will want to see how you have generated high-quality backlinks for example so make sure that you can show them this.

Make Money with Guest Posts on Your Own Blog

You have the ability to write high-quality guest posts that will generate targeted traffic so why not use this skill to add content to your own blog? With targeted traffic, a world of possibilities is available to make money. So let’s take a look at some good monetization strategies.

  • 22. Google Adsense – Targeted traffic and Google Adsense ads usually mean regular income. OK, you are not going to make enough to retire early but you can be earning from posts that you made a long time ago.
  • 23. Sell Advertising Space on your Blog – There are always companies and individuals interested in placing their ads on blogs that have good targeted traffic. You can find these people at websites such as where you can negotiate a deal. Sometimes you can receive an approach from companies that have visited your blog and like what they see
  • 24. Offer Sponsored Guest Posts – You do not have to write any guest posts for this. Just tell your visitors that if they want to submit guest posts they can do this for payment. They will like the idea of traffic and a quality backlink from your blog
  • 25. Sell Newsletter Ads – You have an email list and you send out a regular newsletter to all of your subscribers (if you are not doing this then start today). So you can sell newsletter ads. The content has to be high quality so you can either offer to write the ad or vet ads provided to you
  • 26. Offer to Review Products – There is no payment for writing the review but you can make money from placing an affiliate link in it. You will also get a product for free when you do this. Provide an honest review – warts and all. You only want to review high-quality products that will sell
  • 27. Create a Membership Site – Imagine receiving payments every month from people wanting to access your high-quality content. Well you can do this by creating a membership area where you wall off your top content
  • 28. Create your own Digital Product and sell it – We mentioned earlier that you could create a high-quality training course on guest blogging and sell this. So why not sell it from your own blog? You can create other digital products too that will help your audience. Don’t forget that you can outsource most or all of the work involved in digital product creation
  • 29. Sell Books and Case Studies – We are talking about books that you create here. You have a captive audience that is interested in your niche to write a book that will help them. Case studies and industry research reports are good as well
  • 30. Sell Consulting – You are an expert in your niche and you have a number of visitors that would love to know what you know. So offer a consulting service where you can charge a high rate per hour. You can offer one on one consulting or even small group consulting sessions
  • 31. Sell Physical Products – If physical products fit well in your niche then you can sell them from your blog on the back of your high-quality content. You can either have products created locally or purchase private label using services such as You will need to present your product(s) well with high-quality images and descriptions
  • 32. Sell Digital Services – When you have high-quality content on your blog it provides the platform to offer digital services to your visitors. Of course, you can sell guest post services but you can consider other offers such as copywriting, graphic design, web design and development, SEO services and so on. You can partner up with people that are good at these things if you are not
  • 33. Sell Physical Services – You may be in a niche where physical services are in demand such as plumbing, dentistry, plastic surgery and so on. You can use your guest blogging skills to drive targeted traffic and then sell your physical services to your visitors

40 Ways To Make Money Guest Blogging!

If you don’t have your own products or services or are looking for other ways to supplement your income through the high-quality content on your blog you can promote other peoples offers as an affiliate.

  • 34. Make Commissions promoting Digital Products and Services – If there are good quality-related digital products and services available then you can become an affiliate and promote them on the back of your high-quality blog posts. You can write a guest post around the problem that the product or service solves and then provide an affiliate link at the end
  • 35. Make Commissions promoting Physical Products – You have the opportunity to promote related physical products to your audience by becoming an Amazon Associate. Amazon sells just about everything these days and you will receive a small commission for every sale through your affiliate link
  • 36. Partner with Others for Commissions – Do you know people that offer consulting services in your niche? Or maybe people that offer other services that your audience would be interested in. Make a deal with them to earn a commission for every time they get a new client from one of the guest posts on your blog
  • 37. Make Money with Arbitrage – OK this is not really affiliate marketing but it is a good idea. Some of your visitors will need services that you cannot perform yourself such as graphic design and SEO. So find good providers of these services on freelancing or gig websites and then add your cut on top when you sell these services through your content
  • 38. Make Recurring Commissions by referring Membership Sites – If there are high-quality membership sites in your niche then write guest post quality posts around what they do and earn recurring commissions. Most membership sites have an affiliate program that you can join and some offer very generous commissions for referrals
  • 39. Refer your Visitors to Premium Courses – There are a lot of high-quality online training courses that you can find and refer your visitors to. Platforms like have courses available in a wide range of niches and they have an affiliate program. Check out any courses you want to refer first to make sure that they are right for your audience
  • 40. Make Money with Drop Shipping – Again not affiliate marketing but you can make money by driving visitors to your dropshipping store from your high-quality content. There are a lot of companies that offer drop shipping services and all you have to do is to promote the products for a profit and they will take care of everything else

Get Started Today

So now you have 40 great ways to make money from guest blogging. We recommend that you chose the methods that best suit your circumstances and start working on them today. You deserve to make money on the back of the quality content that you produce so take action right now to earn the income that you deserve.  

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40 Ways To Make Money Guest Blogging

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