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Growth Hacking conveys the various different methods for framing the best marketing models. Growth Hackers have multi-faceted personalities. More than one role is played by them; they are engineers who develop the product and also become the marketer cap for marketing their products and services.

These are some of the common hacks used by growth hackers.

Generate Leads

Building a strong customer base is the first and foremost need of any business. These days when marketing methods have turned digital, online marketing strategies like SEO, CRO are being used widely, if you know very little about SEO marketing methods, then do some research on Google and Youtube as there are tons of SEO articles on the internet that at the very least turn you from knowing nothing about SEO to knowing something about SEO, and on-page SEO when it comes to your website.

Providing Best User Interface

The User experience and User Interface designers are much sought after these days for their ability to attract customers. This is one of the best growth hacks. When the outlook of your product is great, then it sure does pulls in a lot of people. Investing in providing a great front-end user interactive platform is much appreciated.

Use the Various DM Strategies

The Digital Marketing strategies like Email marketing, social media marketing are some of the cheapest and effective growth hacks for the 21st century. The attention should be focused such that your style of marketing is unique.

Generate Traffic

Content is definitely the king. When you provide the right content targeted to the right audience, more traffic is generated. This traffic gets converted into leads. The main aim of generating traffic is to increase the views of a landing page.

Customer Feedback

It is not an old-school concept. But, maintaining a great rapport with customers sure does play a significant role in developing your business.
These growth hacks clearly state that it is not just enough if product alone is developed, a proper marketing strategy is also duly appreciated. They are very helpful for the right reach of the startups. Follow these growth hacks to attain massive success.


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So you have a website? What is your primary aim of having this website? Of course you want to make money from the website. You are clear about this. However, do you actually know how you can make money. In order to make money you need to sell the right product or services. How do you determine which product is the right product or service. Here lies the importance of growth hacking. You will have to do market research, learn about consumer psychology etc to learn how to drive sales.


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Neil patel is kind of authority in SEO. From him the growth hack lessons can be pretty interesting to have. I am sure there are many other people who have taken such exposure and for them it could be working. As of now I have noticed that not a lot of people find growth hacking easier.