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We are always on the lookout for high-quality content contributions from good writers on the Digital Global website.

You are welcome to submit your original content for consideration (the content must be completely original and not published anywhere else including your own website).

Why should you Contribute Content to Digital Global?

DigitalGlobal.com is a rapidly growing website based in the US, and 75% of our traffic is from the US. When you become a contributor to high-quality content you have the opportunity to connect with an ever-growing, mainly US-based audience.

It is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to our visitors.

As a contributor to Digital Global, you will be able to post unlimited content. But you need to be a great writer to become a contributor. We are looking for contributors that can really provide excellence.

We are pretty flexible when it comes to the type of content that you can submit. We are a news-related blog that has many categories available.

Contributor Guidelines

Before you submit your content to us please review our contributor guidelines below carefully. If you want us to consider you as a contributor then your content must meet all of these requirements.

  • Please use your real name as the author of the content
  • Please format your content properly – use appropriate headings such as H2 and H3 and use bullet points to make your content easier to read
  • Make your content as appealing as possible so that our visitors will want to read it and want more contributions from you
  • Please make your content detailed
  • Your content MUST be completely unique (we will check this). Once your content has been accepted by us you must not publish it anywhere else
  • Please ensure that your content provides a high degree of value to our readers
  • Please write your content in English
  • Please check your content for grammar errors and spelling errors as we have a zero-tolerance for these
  • Please use the correct sentence structure with your content
  • Please include at least one high-quality related image
  • Please note that we will only accept photographs with an attribute e.g. Photo: John Smith, Pixabay.com. This is to ensure that all photo authors get credit. Please also note that you can only use photographs that you have the right to use
  • Please include a related high-quality YouTube video
  • You must include at least one authority link that relates to your content
  • You must include at least one internal link to content already published on Digital Global
  • Please ensure that the word count of your content is not less than 10000 words. If you submit 2000 words, then that would be great, if you submit 3000 words, then that would be awesome, keep in mind, Google loves mind-blowing technical content, and so do our visitors, and this will keep them coming back for more.
  • When we publish your content then Digital Global will own all of the content rights
  • Digital Global cannot guarantee any income/results with any contributor content

Please note that Digital Global will not accept the following from contributors:

  • Content that is a sales pitch
  • Content that has a bad concept
  • Content over-optimized for SEO
  • Low-quality content
  • Incorrectly formatted content
  • Negative content such as hate, racial or slander
  • Content related to drugs (legal or not) and firearms
  • Content that is immoral or questionable
  • Content containing affiliate, gambling, or porn links.
  • Content that does not match your niche. IE: Your content is about seeding grass, but your domain/link is about how well sewing machines perform.

SEO Tips

Please note that when you submit your content to us then you may only use branding keywords/URLs when using anchor text. Google is aware of the keywords you are using in your content and if you use too many money keywords you could hurt your SEO efforts. When it comes to anchor text, less is more, and more is very bad.

Google is looking for naturally written content and so are we. Neither Google nor Digital Global wants to see spammy looking content. Always write for the reader and not for Google and other search engines.

Our final tip: Once your article goes live, then take the time to send 1-2 high authority backlinks to your post, why? By doing this, then you put yourself ahead of everyone else, and your post will rank faster and higher compared to those that did not bother sending a quality backlink to their guest post.

Readability Tips

We encourage all of our contributors to add their unique voice to all of the content they submit to us. Please base your content on professional and/or personal experiences and write in a down to earth manner. We want our visitors to feel that a real person wrote every piece of content.

Use a great title for your content. Our visitors will decide whether they are going to read your content or not based on the appeal of the title. Think about how the reader will benefit when they read your content and create a title that highlights this. If you are solving a problem then make sure this is obvious in the title.

Following on a great title is a great opening. Make it your mission to captivate the reader with your opening sentences and paragraphs. Let the reader know how they will benefit from reading all of your content at the beginning.

Use short paragraphs and subheadings to break up your content in a logical manner; For instance, for every sub-title, write 3-5 paragraphs that include 3-5 sentences as no one likes to ready, bulky, long paragraphs which will cause people to leave.

Digital Global Blog

Engagement Tips

If you can add a related quote in your content that will inspire the reader then do that. We want our visitors to be inspired when they read the content on Digital Global! That way they will come back for more.

We always encourage you to add at least one related image and YouTube video to your content because it increases the engagement level. Nobody wants to read just a wall of text with nothing interesting to break it up. You can use infographics as well if you have them.

General Tips

Please quote your sources accurately. We are more than happy for you to include statistics, data, research studies and facts in your content but please provide the appropriate link to the source.

Please remember to check your content before you submit it to us. Look out for grammar and spelling errors and formatting errors. Please, thoroughly proofread prior to submitting to us. We do not want to turn down your submission because of a few errors that you can easily fix through proofreading.

Content Submissions:

While we always welcome content submissions from potential contributors, Digital Global reserves the right to refuse any content submissions for any reason without cause or notification. Digital Global also reserves the right to remove existing published content from contributors if we should find that they violate our contributor guidelines.

Please note that Digital Global does not publish content for PR agencies or companies and brands. We do not accept sponsored/paid content.

Digital Global does not sell links for SEO purposes or any other purpose and neither do we sell advertising for the purpose for boosting your SERP rankings.

Other Interesting Information about Digital Global

Digital Global Blog runs on a VPS that is located in Dallas, TX. Our blog currently loads in just under 3 seconds according to tools.pingdom.com. Our VPS has 2 cores, 4 GB Ram, 100 GB Hard Drive, and 3 TB of bandwidth/data, and if you are not posting, then you are not trying very hard to slow us down, and if you did, then we would just move to a faster VPS.

Ready to get started?

When will my article be live? First come, first serve. It could take hours, days, weeks or months, and this will greatly vary depending on articles in our queue. All articles will go through a quality review process before the article is approved.

What if my article is rejected? If your article is rejected, then it will not be approved, and this means you will maintain all rights to your article. We will not give you a reason for your rejection for the simple reason that we do not have time to get into debates. We can not teach you how to become a great writer, and we routinely reject content due to bad grammar, poorly written, and low-quality content that does not offer value, and if you ignore our guidelines, then your article will be rejected.

If we have not scared you off by now, then you can register here in order to become a blog contributor. Your account and dashboard are very simple. Login!

Before you even log in to submit your guest post, make sure it follows our guidelines; Once you hit that submit button, you will not be able to edit your post in the future, and once your article has been approved, then it will be assigned to a category.

Content Marketing Tips: It is a common fact that someone will submit their article to our blog, and never link back to their post. There is some type of disconnect with bloggers that their content will perform magic on its own merits, and most times, content that you have submitted just sits waiting. We highly recommend that once you submit your article, then you juice up your article by sending up to 5 high-quality links to your article as this will give you an advantage over other blog posts.

So please do not be the majority of those that just submit content, and never link back. If you believe in the content that you are submitting, then you will certainly want to link back to your article in order to push link juice to your page, and your article will certainly rank higher compared to those that did not think enough of their article to even send not even one high authority backlink to the article that they just posted as they expect us to do the work for them.

Ever heard the term “backlink your backlinks”? Digital Global Blog would perform so much better if everyone would just send up to 5 high-quality backlinks to their article in the course of one year as this would help our site, including yours too. Your page will naturally grow over time, however, if you want to speed up this process, then juice up your article page.

Do you have a unique news article to submit?

We can accept your news article as long as you understand the difference between a normal article and actual news that may be trending somewhere around the world. Your news article must be related to actual news, and be newsworthy.

  • How to make money online! (not newsworthy)
  • Money Research Group Proves 5 Tips On Making Money Online! (newsworthy if it was true…)
  • 5 Top TV Shows! (not newsworthy)
  • 5 Things That You Did Not Know About “Game of Thrones. (newsworthy)
  • Granny’s 5 Tips on baking. (not newsworthy)
  • Martha Stewart Reveals Top 5 Tips on Baking. (newsworthy)

How do I come up with trendy tech-news topics?

That is the easy part, research. Google News, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Twitter, keep in mind, this is not a political blog, so we would only be interested in Business and Technology news articles.

Simplified Guidelines:

  • Submit High-Quality Content Content for people, not Google.
  • Content length: 1000 words
  • Create titles that people search for…
  • Provide own images and video
  • Ask about promotional guest posts…

Update: We will no longer be responding to emails that ask us questions such as “What topics do you accept?” As a content submission expert, if you do not know what topics we accept, then simply just close this page now, as these type of emails are spammers that simply scrape the internet from blogs in order to submit low-quality content.

If you are ready to start blogging, then please register here! If our submission volumes are high, then reviewing your submission could take days, weeks, or even months, and no matter the case, as long as your content standards remain high, then it will be worth the wait!

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