Tips For Hiring Top Freelancers

Tips For Hiring Top Freelancers

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Tips For Finding Top Freelancers:

Every entrepreneur out there knows that the difference between being successful and turning into a failure highly depends on the team that they employ; By hiring the best team, then one can find it will most likely lead to having a very successful company as opposed to hiring a team that is simply not good enough. In the world today, technology is taking over fast, and people need to embrace the idea that technology is moving forward at warp speed! Technology is growing at a very rapid pace, and what happens when technology moves forward, and you can not keep up? Many say that technology may be the end of us all, but to most, technology has become so helpful that there is no way it is a bad thing.

When looking to hire a freelancer for your project, it takes research from the entrepreneur, because many freelancers that are out there have different skill sets that will most likely follow them anywhere they go. The task becomes even harder when the entrepreneur involved has little coding or in some cases no coding skills at all, and this is where the entrepreneur needs to find the right methods to make sure that they hire the best freelancer in the business to work for them, after all, entrepreneurs and freelancers alike want to be successful.

Know Your Market:

One deluded act that any entrepreneur can have is thinking that they can get the best talent in the market at a discount price. Engineers and developers are in high demand in the freelance market at the moment, so if the entrepreneur cannot do enough research, then they will not know what the price of getting a good entrepreneur will be. Excellent developers don’t come cheap, even for start-ups and that’s one thing entrepreneurs should accept. The entrepreneur should learn fixed and hourly rates of each freelancer in order to avoid underbidding.

Experienced buyers know that freelance developers will not come cheap; Some developers will give an entrepreneur a price thinking the entrepreneur is naive or they simply think they are the best in their field, so knowing your market will save you some disappointment. As a freelancer, if you know your product or service demands a premium price, then stick to your guns. We all know that buyers can be picky, and some can certainly be cheap to the core, and they always expect discount pricing, as we have seen this over and over, and the buyer should act professionally when they get their quote from the freelancer. In the end, buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs all need to work together and respect each other.

Look For Team Players:

So you have decided to go into business for yourself, or maybe your business has expanded to the point that you need to outsource your work to freelancers. You are no longer running your business by yourself anymore, at this point, you have to step up your game, why? Now you have to worry about what others are doing to help you improve your business status; When going through the interview process in order to find the right freelancer, then you need to be a team player, not only that, your freelancer should be a team player also because you are paying the freelancer to do a project, which means you are the boss! You need to respect the freelancer as much as he/she needs to respect you. If the freelancer does not look trustworthy, or you feel that you simply do not click with the freelancer, then do not be afraid to walk away; If your gut says no, then maybe follow your instinct.

Missed Deadlines:

OMG, my freelancer has missed my deadline, now what? When it comes to running your business, then you want to hire freelancers that can be trusted, and when you need a project completed by a certain time frame, then you expect that your work will be delivered in a timely manner, right? absolutely, we have all been where you may be right now, first off, don’t panic, this is not a perfect world since we are working with freelancers all over the world, then we can not expect good things to happen all the time, in fact, sometimes, bad things happen beyond the control of freelancers. You want to get your work completed and delivered in a timely manner, and you do not want to hear stuff like “we are on holiday” or “my wife had another baby”, or something even worse like “I had a family emergency” These are some of the common excuses we hear on a regular basis’ however, it is not for us to judge on “what happened” to the freelancer or why he/she may be late with your project. We can not apply the same rules to freelance workers, then we can in day jobs, if you have a day job, then you are still expected to show up, and get your work done, however, in the freelance world, then the freelance worker may have a lot going on; We simply do not know, and there is no simple answer either way, however, now it is time for you to communicate with your freelancer so you can get an answer quickly, as you will not be able to move on if this is not resolved in a short amount of time. Your freelancer also needs to communicate with you also, however, if you can not get the buyer to respond or fails to complete your project then you will have to close or report the project as incomplete.


When we first started writing this article, our topic was supposed to be “Tips For Hiring Top Freelancers” However, we are finding out that are tips could be applied to both buyers and sellers. As a buyer, you have dreams of running a successful business, as a freelancer (seller), then you also have dreams of running a successful freelance business, right. Running any type of business is no easy task, and if someone told you that it was, then they flat out lied to you, and there is certainly no “secret” in running a successful business, however, you have to start where everyone should start as you need to start your business with moral values, honesty, and integrity. Buyer and seller alike, it does not pay to be a “Rip-Off-Scamming-Punk” as this is not a very good business model. You want your business model to last forever, right? You want your clients coming back as repeat buyers, and repeat buyers will show a certain level of success, as this would imply that your clients trust you enough to buy from you over, and over again. 

Making Money:

You did not start your business as a charity did you? When you started your business, then your first expectation was to make money, right? However, you may lack certain skills, and if you do not have certain skills such as web design, link building, then how you can complete your business? We also hope you did not start your business thinking you were going to make bank in just a few short weeks, sometimes, this can happen, however, most times it does not, and takes a great deal of money, effort, and time in order to get your business to a profitable state. Never focus on making money, chasing money has never worked for anyone. Your focus should be on helping people solve their problems, right? Hire the right freelancers for your project, and provide solutions to your own clients. When you can provide answers that your clients can not otherwise find, then you will be surprised from the results as your clients start trusting you more and more, then they will keep returning to you time after time again, and this goes for buyers, sellers, clients, and freelancers alike as we would all prefer to make money, and not just make money, we want to be profitable as well.

Knowing Business Values:

When hiring your freelancer, what are your expectations of the freelancer? You need to do your own diligence and research, and if you still do not know, then contact the freelancer, and ask questions concerning the project. Do not head into a project thinking the freelancer can read your mind, not only that, you can not read the mind of the freelancer either, or can you. Before starting your project, then make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction. If buyers and sellers do not communicate, then your project could turn out to be a disaster, and communication is key to success. What moral values do you have? Are you the constant problem buyer, or maybe you are the constant problem freelancer? We would like to think buyers, sellers, and visitors have moral values, otherwise, we would just prefer that you move on, and maybe consider using F@#%r.

Invest In Your Business:

There are many factors and reasons on why a business and or site may not succeed, however, we are assuming at this point, your business is up and running, and you need to invest in your business, so unless you have the worlds next cure, then do not expect that the world will revolve around you, it most certainly will not, and in our digital trending age, the world will pass you pass with notification. lets taking setting up a forum, for instance, let’s say that your forum may be part of your business, so you will need a high-quality theme/skin, can you do this yourself? How about forum marketing, how about link building, or content marketing? If not, then this means you need to invest in your business, otherwise, what will happen if you do not? You are absolutely right, nothing will happen. An online business will rarely get very far if they do not invest in the business. You do not want to be that business that never invests in their business, if this is the case, then maybe you feel that your business will not go anywhere, and if this is the case, then this comes down to “not taking action”, and what happens when you do not take action or risks? You are so right, nothing will happen. If you never take action, then you will never know what your “could have” possibilities could have been.

Never Stop Learning:

You are going to fail, however, this is not always a bad thing, why? If you do not fail, then you never learn. If you do not know why your business is failing, then you are not learning, which is not a good sign. How is your SEO efforts performing, what is your site analytics telling you? We can tell you right now that most site owners have no clue, they run out and hire the first SEO “expert” they can find, and most cannot tell you what their traffic is doing or how it is performing on their site, and still they can not figure out why their online business is failing, so unless you have a “magic” wand that handles all this stuff for you, then we suggest that you get to work. How can you effectively run your business if you do not know what is going on? We want your business to succeed, and this is the reason we have set up a community forum for buyers, sellers, and visitors to ask questions.


Fear kills more business ideas than any other factor, besides, bad design, SEO, etc, and what is fear? Your inability to take action! Maybe you have been dreaming about starting an online business, or maybe you have that dream of becoming a freelancer so you can sell your high-quality products and services, then fear gets in the way, why? for many reasons, you may feel that you are not good enough, or maybe you will not be able to sell your products and services, fear can also be related to money, lets presume that you have already invested some money in your business, however, nothing is really going on, and you are hesitating on investing even more money into your business, and last but not least the “procrastinator” to be honest, we feel that there are still “undiscovered” inventions out there, or not out there yet. In fact, we have been reading up on startups, so how about this scooter rental company that went from zero to over $300 million dollars, what if this was your business? If this scooter company had got fed up within their first month, then there is a very good chance it would have never had the success that they have today. However, keep in mind that finding your way to success may take some time, we do not think it is never too late for a new startup to thrive, however, if that business never takes action!! What if some of these crowdfunding sites had never taken any action? Where do you think they would be today, some sites like Kickstarter is making some big money, however, Kickstarter most likely did not start out with success at their fingertips, they had to work for it, and success found them. Are you going to keep sitting on the fence? It can be difficult to get a business plan together, and take action! Just do it!


We hope that we did not bore you too much with our sorry skills of writing; The goals that we have for buyers and sellers is to get along with each other so we can all benefit from a successful partnership. If the buyer wins, then the seller wins, then we win also, and that is our overall end goal. We want to give you the experience that you simply may not get from other freelance sites, however, keep in mind that we are not mind readers either, and we cannot be everywhere, at the same time, every hour of the day, and if you feel something is not right, then please bring it to our attention, and we will see if we cant get your concerns resolved as soon as possible. We know it is not possible to keep everyone happy, all the time, and we will do our best to cater to our buyers and sellers so both parties will get a great buying and selling experience. We created our forum just for this purpose, as we want to hear what others have to say, and if there is an issue, then post in the appropriate section of the forum so we can address your concerns. You should check out our forum as we have some pretty cool features planned in the near future, and we pay for high-quality forum posts.

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Tips For Hiring Top Freelancers