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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plays a role in the digital marketing world. The crown jewel of an SEM strategy is often search engine optimization, also known as SEO. We have tons of articles about SEO and SEM here to spend all weekend reading.

There are plenty of blogs out there offering SEO insights. Here, you can read about authentic struggles marketers face with SEM. We have top suggestions from experienced SEO marketers that you would not want to miss.

SEM and SEO are also marketing terms that tend to get misused a lot. Our blog posts put SEO in context. You will come off reading with a better understanding of what SEM is all about. It’s not about driving clicks or cluttering links. SEM requires strategic planning and goals—which our writers will help you understand better.

This blog will offer you one-of-a-kind perspectives and information in the cluttered and overshared world of SEM content. This blog covers all aspects of SEO, including related topics like website building and content.   The vast majority of topics are about Google SEO. But you may come across non-Google search engine info as well.

When it comes to SEO, then do not be cheap or buy those cheap backlinks for your site; If you do then, then the future of your site is at risk of getting a penalty from Google. I never heard anyone say that starting a business was going to be easy, fair, quick or cheap, and unless you just get plain lucky, then you will have to endure the pain like everyone else that came before you.

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