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Online marketing pioneer Brian Eisenberg once said, “Our jobs as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy and help them do so.” That’s essentially what this blog intends to do for you— the aspiring marketer. Use the articles here to master the basics of marketing in all its modern forms.

Marketing has simplified and has also become complex in the age of the internet. Now you can advertise for millions of people with shockingly cheap budgets.  Then again, there are also many forms of marketing to do. Social media, influencer, print, email, or affiliate marketing—do you understand them all?

Hopefully, our blog posts will help you. We have articles covering the basics of topics like Facebook or Instagram marketing. You can also delve into comprehensive posts about strategizing an advertising plan. Small businesses and newbies can find plenty of articles on how to make the most out of a limited budget.

Online marketing is everywhere now. It’s common enough for customers to become desensitized to popular tactics. How can your brand stand out above this advertorial deluge? Read our tips and tricks blog posts to find out.

Are you a marketer with tips to offer? Then get in touch with us to contribute your two cents to this blog.

Are you looking for some digital marketing strategies that will boost your digital marketing campaign? In order to be successful with your digital marketing efforts, then you really need to plan your SEO goals out, as you do not want to be the business online that comes in last because you are using low quality digital marketing professionals.
If order to be successful in your affiliate marketing journey, then you need to avoid common affiliate marketing mistakes. If is bad enough that affiliate marketing is not your own business, but if you mess up before you ever get started, then you may not be very success with affiliate marketing.
If you are looking to explode your sales on your eCommerce store, then you need to find the right Instagram Influencers. I have seen stores make $100s - $1000s per day, and that is because they were able to find the right IG Influencers that were in alignment to what they were selling on their eCommerce Shop, and yes, finding and using the right Influencers can take your online store to the next level.
If you promote certain things online such as beauty and fashion, then you could be leaving money on the table, so what do I do? Well, I would highly suggest that you promote your business online or offline by using Instagram; Even famous people such as movie stars use Instagram, and if this does not tell you anything, then I guess I just can not help you.
If you want to improve the aspect of your business, then you need to do something called "listening" If you do not know how people are treating your business on social media. Do you know what is trending? Do you know what your audience is looking for? Do you know how to solve the problems of your customers?
Running your business online is easier said than done. You may be a great writer, however, if you do not know anything about technical SEO such as bounce rate, then your online business may be doomed before you even start, so keep reading....
SEO is not the same as it was 5 or even 10 years ago; Back then, you can post any type of crap, and google would be able to index, and rank in short order, however, those days of low-quality are gone forever! If you expect to rank and bank, then everything you do when it comes to content marketing, and link building needs to be high-quality, otherwise, you will be going toward failure, most of all, google expects high-quality from every site that is online today.
If you are looking for an effective advertising method, then you may want to consider running facebook ads, however, if you are not experienced, then you may want to hire someone that has experience running Facebook ads. Facebook has their own Algorithm just like google, and if you study human behavior long enough then you will be able to market to them in a more effective manner...
In the words of Jill Rowley, social selling expert, “Today's buyers are more empowered and increasingly self-educating when evaluating options. Traditional channels like phone and email are fatigued. Getting someone's attention requires leading with relevance, insight, and value.”https://youtu.be/eI0Bj31K1Mw