How To Become a Freelance Writer

How To Become a Freelance Writer

Many work at home freelancers has expressed interest on how to become a freelance writer. This is because writing is one of the most important aspects of effectively promoting any business. Freelance writing is a great entry-level skill that almost anyone can develop and make good money too.

If you’ve had a burning interest to become a freelance writer then I have some good news for you. It’s not actually that hard but you have to dedicate some time, research, and energy. This includes practice writing until your skills can land you some work.

One of the best ways to begin your career as a freelance writer is to first take inventory of your current skill level and knowledge.

You can do this by asking yourself several questions:

  • What exactly do you know about freelance writing jobs?
  • What kind of organizational skills do you have and how can they benefit your new career choice?
  • Do you have any experience blogging?
  • What type of editing or editorial tools can you include to assist you with proper grammar?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges that freelance writers must overcome?
  • What type of writing do you wish to do and why?
  • What kind of market exists for this type of writing?

By first researching and answering questions like the ones above, then you will be able to take a good inventory of not only your skills but how you can progress as a writer to earn top dollar. This is all part of the process.

You will need to first begin to take on specific tasks when writing and at first you may not get paid for this work.

The reason why you want to do this is so that you can create a portfolio as well as testimonials from customers of the quality of your work.

Most entry-level freelance writers should take on multiple jobs and do so for free in exchange for solid testimonials.

This portfolio must be available for anyone to download in PDF form and you will need a location and a website where you can display the different types of writing jobs, testimonials, and examples that you’ve completed.

This information should be constantly updated as well and available 24 hours a day.

Now you should be ready to start taking on some basic writing jobs. You will need a link to your portfolio and/or website that displays your skills.

The next step is creating a social footprint that demonstrates your name being associated with producing quality written work. A good place to start is to have your own blog and do daily blogging. You can discuss the industry and give tips and strategies to employees who are looking to hire quality writers. You should also post examples and links later on to your portfolio and website.

For example, is a great place to get started because you can also see the kind that employers are posting jobs to. The site is always looking for new writers.

Now your next step is to begin to actively search for more lucrative freelancer jobs. The site above is a great place to start but you need to learn how to ask for work as well.

You should be an out of the box thinker when it comes to being able to pitch your skills to potential employers.

At this point, you should be avoiding the larger freelancer sites because you are new and the competition is too fierce. For example platforms like Upwork tend to be a competitor’s nightmare and a place where people come to find cheap labor quickly. You are not working for minimum wage.

If you want to make good money in this field then you will have to do quality work and you have to be able to deliver it within a reasonable time and follow all of these steps. Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far.

Steps to becoming a well-paid freelance writer:

  1. Start out with freewriting gigs to get solid testimonials.
  2. Begin to create a social footprint for you as a writer so that you can build trust and have a place to showcase your skills (i.e. blogging about writing).
  3. Build your portfolio of samples and raving testimonials. This step is absolutely critical or will be difficult if not impossible to get work.
  4. Create a website / online presence where clients can come to see your work and hire you.
  5. Seek out Freelancer job boards and start writing for money.

Competition is the name of the game. In order to be a successful freelancer, it is critical that you are one of the first few people that reply when jobs are posted.

You should keep an ongoing marketing list and keywords of freelancer jobs and consider using Google Alerts to notify you anytime people post different types of writing jobs.

You also want to differentiate yourself from other freelancers. The reason why most people fail at attracting jobs is that they have a terrible pitch or do not follow through when a potential employer requests for additional information.

You also need to have competitive pricing but the lowest price is not always the best option.

Therefore, the following considerations are also important when attempting to build your credibility and reputation as well as convince other people to hire you:

  • What positive attributes or reasons should a potential employer see in order to convince them to hire you?
  • What are the best testimonials and/or posts that received the most attention and they are front and center for potential employers to recognize?
  • What story can you tell it to potential employers so that they will trust you and want to hire you?
  • What guarantees do you have to remove all risk from the potential employer?

You can start small and begin to work your way to the bigger more lucrative jobs. As your portfolio grows and expands, people will see that you are trustworthy and capable of producing good quality writing.

Now you’re ready to move up and start looking at the bigger leagues available to you. Your next best bet is this cool website that most freelancers overlook:

This platform is perfect for freelance writers and there are numerous ways to earn an income utilizing their tools, Of course, the main reason you will be there are the job listings but you can also make money by blogging.

Keep in mind that a majority of people on this site are highly interested in helping their own blogs to grow so you can get regular gigs and even ongoing clients and customers here.

Again, notice that we are avoiding some of the largest freelancing platforms at this time and focusing on where the main market for making money writing and getting quality testimonials that you can continue to use to continue to grow your portfolio.

It is been my experience, and the experience of other top freelancers that the largest platforms tend to be filled with people who are willing to work for virtually no money; at least these are the jobs that are most often offered.

Now that you have regular work coming in, the next step is to truly involve yourself in social media. If you follow the steps so far, you’ve already built yourself an impressive portfolio and have a location online where people can go and hire you.

Don’t be afraid to start a Facebook Fan page and begin to recruit people who constantly need professional writing freelancers like you.

Another great place to find clients is at large marketing forums. Here people can post their job skills and make a full-time income by competing with other freelancers.

For example, the Warrior Forum is another potential resource:

Here marketers commonly post jobs, commentary and are always looking for people to assist them with their blogs, websites and even the creation of articles and e-books.

Some freelancers do so well on these sites that they create specialized offers to marketers and continue to pay to advertise on locations like this, as they constantly secure writing jobs.

So far I’ve given you several websites and even explained some of the top ways to earn money as a freelance writer. Yet none of this will matter if you don’t have one other thing that is required to be a successful writer . . .

A Specialization!

It’s not good enough just to be a generic writer. Eventually, you will need to specialize in a specific type of writing that you do. There are a couple of different ideas that I would like to share with you. This information comes from some of the top freelance writers at places like the Warrior Forum:

  • Consider writing articlesa majority of marketers and bloggers are constantly looking for high-quality articles that they can use on their blogs. You can have an ongoing flow of requests (money!) from marketers who need articles so that they can free up their time for other pursuits while still maintaining their sites.
  • Scientific, magazine or technical articlesif you have a specialized form of knowledge there will always be people looking for you to write articles and or white papers for them. For example, a magazine writer can get steady and consistent work by writing magazine articles. Scientists may be able to secure lots of freelance writing work that can be used to support scientific periodicals. Even if you have no skill in this area, over time you can accrue expertise and begin to offer your skills in these areas.
  • Specialized marketing contentfor example, a clever writer could specialize in writing sales information or materials to promote products and services on platforms like Amazon. You can charge additional money in most marketers will gladly pay it especially if you have any type of track record with this kind of quality writing.
  • E-book writeronce you’ve tackled articles or other forms of specialized content you should consider specializing in writing similar e-books. For example, if you are a specialized marketing content you can then write books on internet marketing. Although writing e-books may not be as numerous as article writing, they tend to pay considerably more money when you do land one of these jobs and for good reason; writing e-books is tedious and requires specialized skills.
  • Website contentone area that seems to be growing is securing professional writers to help with introductory website content. One of the best places to find work for this are with website designers who wish to focus their time on the creation of the website (HTML) and not all of the additional writing necessary so that it can be launched immediately.

Your final steps to ensure that you will have enough work should be to target places like Twitter and LinkedIn. Both of these platforms are constantly scrutinized by potential employers who need content.

For example, LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media platforms and typically the main focus of people that are in business. The average income for a LinkedIn user starts around $70,000 a year. These are the kind of people that have plenty of money and need more time in their life and are all running businesses.

The very nature of Twitter encourages people to participate and involve themselves when it comes to giving their opinions. What most people do not know is that a large number of businesses use Twitter to reach their client base and keep them informed of small changes; a perfect market for a freelance writer.

If you are constantly posting your services on either of these social media platforms there’s a good chance you’ll be able to attract enough work to keep you very busy.

As you can see, there are many advantages to becoming a freelance writer and ways that you can specialize and eventually promote yourself.

Understand that no business can run itself but if you want to attract the best possible clients, specialization and promotion are key. Take this opportunity to follow the steps in this post because the information here has created many successful freelance writers.

Now you will never have to ask the question of how to become a freelance writer because you know more than most experts!

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How To Become a Freelance Writer