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Do you run a high traffic blog? Do you run a high traffic affiliate blog? If you are looking for a non-complex affiliate program, then you have come to the right place. Do you want to earn $100 per day just promoting our blog? For every person that makes an order, then you will receive $20 per sale, so let’s say you have a popular affiliate blog, and you send traffic to your landing page on our site; It may be possible for you to earn $100 per day, or even much more depending on conversions.

How it works?

A person that comes to our site may want to promote what they have to offer to our visitors. They pay us $125 to submit their WP landing page (administration fee) Their submission may come in the form of HTML/text/videos, etc. and once this information has been formatted correctly, and reviewed by DG Staff, then it will be published. that’s it!

You thought this was going to turn into some long, drawn-out process of making money? nope! We are looking for those that would be interested in submitting their WP Landing page, and the buyer will also receive some benefits also, and affiliates will get to earn $25 per completed sale! How easier can this get? Just promote our site as you would any other site.

If a buyer can not create their own money making WP page, then please contact us, and we will offer you some advice. We will not create your landing page, however, once your awesome landing page has been submitted, and approved, then we will be able to bridge your landing page to your affiliate account, and once you make sales, then you will get credit.

We understand that affiliates do not like “standardized” affiliate links and that is because most people surfing the internet is turned off by affiliate, and more so if they think there is an affiliate making money as the result of affiliate links. This is why we have eliminated the need for actual affiliate links, how? Your landing page will serve as your affiliate link, and you can promote just about anything you want as long it is legal and moral. Your landing page will serve two purposes which will be promoting your own products and services, and your affiliate link to earn from the sale of landing page submissions.

If you do not like the most discreet affiliate link on the planet by not using affiliate IDs and such, then we would be more then happy to set up our affiliates with a custom affiliate URL ie:, however, our gut instinct tells us that you will be quite happy with your discreet affiliate link which is in the form of a blog post title, and from there, then all we have to do is connect your landing page to your affiliate account, then you will be able to start earning $100/day or more, however, as a disclaimer, we can not guarantee earnings as this depends on your quality of traffic you send.

In order to use our advanced no-affiliate link feature, then we need to know the domains that you will be using in order to promote our site, and when traffic visits your landing page and makes a purchase, then you will earn a commission, and if we do not know where your traffic is coming from, then you may not get credit for the affiliate/referral. What we do is connect your domains > your affiliate account > your landing page, and it all fits together like a puzzle.

Tiered Affiliate Rates:

Some people may not be happy earning just $25 per sale, in this case, if you are willing to work your way up the ladder as our top affiliate, then we want to make sure your hard work is paid off, so you can earn even more by following our tiered structure.

  • 0 – 100 referrals = 20% commission per sale
  • 101 – 200 referrals = 25% commission per sale
  • 201 – 500 referrals = 30% commission per sale
  • 501+ referrals = 35% commission per sale
  • 1000+ referrals = 50% commission per sale

How crafted your landing page is may determine if you earn any commissions or not. If you submit a junk landing page for approval, then no one in their right mind may want to visit your landing page, and you may not get the conversions you are looking for, not only that, SEO and ranking your landing page are also key factors in making money online.

Signup is simple!

  • Signup as our affiliate
  • Submit Your WP Landing Page
  • Pay $125 admin fee

Once your landing page is approved, then we will connect your affiliate account to your landing page, then you will be ready to promote your landing page so you can start earning affiliate income. If you have any concerns, then contact support.


Once your affiliate/landing page starts making money, then make sure you submit more landing page orders, why? The more affiliate/landing pages that you promote, then the more money you can make, however, do not feel obligated to submit more landing page orders. We want you to be comfortable where you are, and if you are good with what you have, then that is fine by us. We ask that you do not spread yourself to thin.

Just remember, before you can even start making money on your affiliate/landing page, then you have to submit your landing page first, which means you have to place your order, then we will be able to connect your affiliate account.

Please do not signup for multiple affiliate accounts, and you may submit multiple landing page orders under just one account, and they will all be tied into your master affiliate account, as there is no reason for having multiple accounts.

When signing up as an affiliate or if you are making a purchase, then please use the same email, which should be your Paypal email, so do not be shifty by using multiple emails as we have to prevent fraud the best way we can.

Lifetime commissions:

Hell Yes! If someone buys from your landing page, then that customer is yours for LIFE! So if your customer decides to come back six months later, and makes another purchase, then you will earn another commission. As long as that same customer keeps ordering, then you will continue to earn commissions for the life of your paying customer. If this alone is not a big enough incentive for you to start promoting our site, then sorry.

Once visitors come to your affiliate landing page, then you will earn a commission if that visitor converts, and it does not matter if they visit other affiliate landing pages. Once that visitor lands on your page, then it is your commission if that person should decide to order a landing page package. Your cookie will never-ever expire.

Push Notifications:

We do not want to keep our affiliates waiting, so from your affiliate account, you may enable push notifications to your Android-powered devices or desktop, for example, you have earned a commission. In order to use this free push service, then you must signup for a pushover account, and enter/save your pushover key which you will be able to find under your affiliate account settings.

Affiliate Login
Landing Page 1000
Landing Page 2000

Affiliate Payment Terms:

Paypal, Bank Draft or US money order.

Affiliate Payout:

30 days after each successful sale


Digital Global JV only has one service for our affiliates to promote, and we think this will be a money maker for any affiliate that already has high traffic volume, however, if you are looking to promote physical products, then you may want to consider Gear Gifts JV, however, due to the nature of physical products, shipping, etc Our affiliate fees are not as attractive, but once the site is launched, and people can see what we have, then promoting our gift site may be for you.

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