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8 Strategies That Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts



8 Strategies That Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

A good digital marketing strategy will always require a well thought out plan and consistent effort. It is essential that your digital marketing creates engagement with your audience so that you increase your chances of generating leads and making sales.

It is easier to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing when you have a coherent strategy. You can set targets and use key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure your success. Building trust and loyalty is the name of the game and with these 8 strategies you can really boost your digital marketing efforts.

1. Set Goals and Maintain a Conversion Focus

You need to start out by defining goals for your digital marketing. What is your overall objective and what exactly are you trying to achieve with every digital marketing campaign? Use the SMART process for setting your goals:

  • Specific – are you looking for an increase in website traffic for example?
  • Measurable – what metrics will you use to measure progress?
  • Attainable – work the numbers and ensure your goals are attainable
  • Realistic – maintain realistic goals based on budget and time
  • Time Frame – define when you want to achieve your digital marketing goals

Driving more website traffic or generating more leads are fine as goals but the important thing is your conversion rate. Generating another 10,000 visitors per month to your landing pages is worthless if you are not increasing the size of your email list or making more sales.

Check your analytics often to see how well you are doing. You want to know as much as you can about the behavior of your audience. Quantify the number of visitors you require to achieve a specific conversion such as someone joining your email list or purchasing from you. This will provide you with future predictability.

2. Who are your Audience and where are they?

The more that you know about your target audience the more successful your digital marketing will be. If you don’t fully understand your audience then your marketing efforts will not be as successful as they should be.

  • Analyze website activity – when your potential customers visit your website where do they go and what do they do?
  • Where does your audience hang out – find out which social media platforms your target audience uses as well as other digital channels
  • What content engages your audience – look at your own content metrics and your competitors on social media. What content has been shared the most etc
  • How effective is your email marketing – examine your open rates and click through metrics. Why are some emails more popular than others?

Knowing your audience in this way will help you to make the right decisions with your digital marketing. You will know which digital channels produce the best results and the type of content that your audience is looking for. Refine campaigns with this information to achieve better results.

3. Provide greater Value

Quality will always win over quantity in digital marketing. You will not build up the trust and loyalty that you need by publishing lots of inferior content. It is better to post high quality content that really adds value less often than to post low quality content more often.

  • High quality website posts – create content for your website that really addresses the issues that your audience faces
  • Engaging social media posts – use social media as a way to engage with your audience. Ask them questions and respond to their answers
  • Use different media formats – don’t just use text based content. Videos will normally have a greater impact especially on social media
  • Add value to your email marketing – avoid bombarding your audience with one offer after another. Provide high value content that leads up to an offer

Adopt a “less is more” approach with your digital marketing. You are in it for the long term so use your resources wisely. Only publish content that is engaging and provides value. Your audience will appreciate this a lot more which increases the chances of them becoming customers.

4. The Digital Marketing Landscape is always changing

Trends in digital marketing change all of the time. What worked well yesterday may not work well tomorrow. Keep abreast of these changes and find out what your competitors and others are doing in the digital marketing space.

  • Subscribe to expert websites – there are expert blogs and websites out there that monitor digital marketing trends. Make sure that you subscribe to them to keep up to date
  • What media types produce the best results – are videos providing more click throughs than text posts? Are live videos and webinars a high converting strategy that is right for you?
  • Social media posts – which posts on social media platforms are providing the highest level of engagement? Can you use a similar approach?

5. Be fully Mobile Responsive

If you are not optimizing your digital marketing efforts for mobile device users then your campaigns will never deliver the results that you want. Make your entire digital marketing strategy mobile based and you will not go wrong.

Your area of focus here is your website. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter already have mobile optimization. If people visit your website on a mobile device and they have to scroll horizontally to view your content you will lose them. And with 80% of Internet users now using smartphones that’s a big deal.

6. Adopt a Customer Service approach

Treat each member of your audience as if they are a customer even if they are not. If you have a successful digital marketing strategy then you will create a lot of interactions with your audience. If you do not respond to these interactions promptly and thoughtfully then you can damage the reputation of your brand.

  • Website interactions – if someone comments on a blog post you have made then always respond quickly and thank them. Respond to contact requests quickly and professionally too
  • Social media – when someone “likes” a post thank them for doing this. If they add a comment then respond appropriately
  • Questions – treat questions from your audience like gold. Provide full answers and avoid hype. Make answering questions a high priority

7. Have a good Digital Marketing Team

It can be a daunting prospect to try and implement an effective digital marketing strategy on your own. You are not likely to have all of the skills needed to increase your engagement and conversions. So consider hiring a good team to support you in the following areas:

  • Social Media engagement
  • Content creation
  • SEO
  • Copywritng for landing pages and email marketing
  • Different media types such as video creation and infographics

You do not have to hire people full time if this isn’t necessary. There are good freelancers that can provide you with their support when you need it. Create a virtual team and use your time wisely.

8. Constantly Analyze your Results

You need to know what is working and what isn’t. There are many tools that you can use to analyze every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Make sure that you know what is going on with your website on a regular basis. Use social media analytics to measure engagement and click throughs.

When you are on top of your metrics you can make adjustments to your digital marketing to improve your results. After you implement a change to your digital marketing campaigns be sure to follow these up by analyzing the appropriate metrics.

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