Never Stop Learning!

Digital Global JV® offers online Education & Learning to a global audience that hungers to learn something new. You are never to young or old to learn, and if anyone says otherwise, then that is just plain bull, and it is up to you to take the next step


Digital Evolution On A Global Scale Of Learning™

During my high-school years, I was bullied to no end, no one seemed to care, sometimes I got beat up, other times I beat the bully up, and because I was more into tech than I was into sports, well, got beat up for that too, today, no one picks on me, and will never allow anyone to bully me again, and most people will just have to navigate this terrible world on their own as I did. Education & Learning is power! Never give up on your dreams, if you do, then you will simply lose hope. If I can get past this, then you certainly can too! It does not matter what everyone else thinks about you, it is what you think about yourself. You can be better; You can do better! Those that bully have zero-self esteem so they can make themselves feel and look better. Don't allow bullies to take away your power, and your future!


If you allow fear to rule you today, then fear will rule you for the rest of your life. Fear is the number 1 factor that stops people from living their dreams. You always wanted to start your own business, but you never got out of the planning stage, so your business never happened. You wanted to ask that cute boy/girl out, yet again, fear told you not too, now you dont have your own business or the cute boy/girl you wanted to ask out. What did fear give you? absolutely nothing!

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